Open Fellowship
Thursday, June 13th
Dinner Served• 6:30pm



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People often think one has to be invited to become a Mason. However that is not the case. While a friend may suggest the benefits of membership, we only accept members who join entirely of their own free will. We do have a few requirements. One must be a male over the age 18, believe in deity, and be of good repute.


Is that you? Then we suggest you come visit us on one of our open events dates (colored in gold on the right). Get a feel for who we are and what we do. Perhaps even visit a few lodges as each has a different personality. If you like what you see, you fill out a petition and the process goes from there.

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2019 Worshipful Master    Brian Silverain

How does one become a Mason?


Making Good Men Better

Welcome to

Braden Lodge No. 168

Ancient Free and Accepted Masons

What do Masons do?  That is the question whose answer we hope you have come here seeking.  Like the trade guilds of the medieval days, Freemasonry is a gathering of men who work towards creating something. But while other guilds work towards refining wood, metal, or stone, we refine ourselves into better men. When you go through the initiations, you are not given the keys to a building, you are given the blueprints to build your own. We each must build our lives, one brick at a time and Freemasonry allows you to do it within the context of a group of like-minded men with the benefit of ancient knowledge passed down through the ages. We have discussions and educational pieces. We have ceremonies to remind us of our ideals and never forget to seek the guidance of deity. But perhaps more than anything, we form a brotherhood to support, encourage, and learn from one another.


Master Mason Degree

Saturday, June 1st
Breakfast served  •  8:30am

Murder Mystery
Saturday, May 25th
James J Hill House  • 6:00pm

Saturday, June 8th
Ft. Snelling State Park • 12:00pm

Socrates Cafe 
Thursday, May 23rd
Dinner • 7:30pm

Nerf Gun Night
Thursday, May 30th
Dinner • 7:30

Murder Mystery
Saturday, June 15th
James J Hill House  • 6:00pm

Stated Communication

Thursday, June 6th
Dinner served  •  7:30pm