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Braden meets on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of most months, meeting only on the 3rd Thursday in July and August. Meetings begin at 7:30pm and take place on the 3rd degree with a few exceptions during degree cycles.

Socrates' Café

The Socrates' Café is where you will find food for the mind. It is a moderated group discussion topic on a subject that focuses on how Masons interact with the world at large. Topics can range from practical discussions, such as how to maintain privacy on Facebook, to more esoteric topics, like what are the working tools of your own profession and what allegorical lessons can you derive from them? Socrates' Café is held at 8:30pm during designated Fellowship Nights (see Calendar or Trestle Board for scheduled dates.) This event is open to all Masons as well as prospective members.


This year A Bump in the Night is offering not one, but three puzzle rooms to choose from!


Venture down to the spooky basement of a 100 year old Mason Lodge where you must work your way through the labyrinth to solve the puzzles that lie down there. But are you down there alone, or has something from the freak show been lurking down there as well?


Or go upstairs to the Lodge Room where a past master of the lodge hid an important document before dying. He is said to have left some clues behind to help if you can find them. The real question though is, is the spirit in the Lodge there to help you or hinder you?


Perhaps you will want to try our newest puzzle room, the Lounge. The carnival's magician has disappeared, this time for good. Can you see through his tricks to discover what really happened?


In addition to the puzzle rooms, this year we are also offering The Carnival as a way to amuse yourself before, after, or perhaps even in between puzzle rooms. There will be food available to purchase, a midway of games, a sideshow entertainer,  and even a ride of sorts, all designed with the puzzle enthusiast in mind.


Entrance to the Carnival is $5 which is mandatory for everyone, and then each puzzle room is $15/person (or in other words, $20 for one Puzzle Room, $15 for additional ones, or $5 to just come and hang out.) No reservation is needed for the Carnival, but Puzzle Room tickets must be purchased in advance. There are 10 slots for each room and each room will have sessions starting at 6:00, 7:30, & 9:00pm. The Carnival is open from 5:30 to 11:00.

Fellowship Nights & Dinner

Braden meets on all other Thursday nights except major holidays for Fellowship. The evening starts with dinner served around 7:30pm (a $5 donation is requested for food and coffee, and soft drinks are sold for $1.) A vegetarian option is available. Afterwards, we drink coffee or soft drinks, play pool or foosball, card and board games, and above all -- we talk, getting to know our Brothers and build our community. 

A Halloween-Themed Puzzle Room Adventure!

•  Fri Oct 27th

•  Sat Oct 28th

The Carnival has come to town with its freak shows and funhouses in tow. Between the gaudy colored lights lurk many a shadow. Screams form a constant backdrop but you tell yourself they are just innocent fun. Oh, and did we mention the clowns? There have to be clowns with their contorted smiles and painted faces staring at you to make sure you have a good time.

Victorian Christmas Dinner
Saturday, December 9th

at the

James J Hill Mansion
  • Social Hour with Hors d'doeuvres
  • Explore the house, led by guides from Historical Society
  • Sit down to a formal, 5 course dinner served by staff
  • Enjoy Christmas Carolers and other Victorian music
  • Special Visit from Mr. Charles Dickens
  • Victorian Parlour Games
Formal Attire Required

This event is a fundraiser for the Braden Lodge Scholarship and Brotherly Relief funds