We're afraid all of our dates, including our most recent one (March 23rd) have all sold out (the last one doing so in just 1 hour). We do plan to come back around May with a whole new mystery so watch our Facebook page and Friends of Braden group on Facebook for announcements.

A Bump in the Night - Murder at the Hill House

A Bump in the Night - Murder at the Hill House

Come for the show, stay for the murder...

Dress up in your Victorian finest and join us for a performance you are sure to remember. Mr. Hill has invited you to enjoy an evening of entertainment until...there's a Bump in the Night! A murder to be specific. The important guests have too much to hide to let the police investigate willy nilly and so it will be up to you to help determine the culprit and focus the police on what really matters. You'll have a chance to interview witnesses and suspects, being free to roam the public areas of the house. Then you will have to determine whodunnit!

Saturday March 23rd

Saturday March 23rd

A Murder Mystery FAQ

What is the setting for this Murder Mystery?

This story takes place in the Victorian Era, circa 1895. Mr. James J Hill has invited many of the notables from St. Paul's high society to be his guests that evening.

How Should I dress?

This is an opportunituy to dress up in historical, Victorian outfits. Should you not have that, a tuxedo or evening gown should do. At the very least a suit is required for men and something elegant for the ladies.

What is the performance?

We are still recruiting artists, and there may be a variety of performances.

How will the murder mystery work?  Am I a suspect?

Because of the number of people attending, not everyone will be a character and potential suspect.  Instead, you and the other people in your party will work together as the detectives to solve the mystery that presents itself.  The various suspects, witnesses, and victim will be portrayed by actors and all you have to do is figure out what is going on.

When the mystery begins, you will be presented with the basic facts of the case.  The witnesses and suspects you need to talk to will be stationed in various rooms about the house. You will then have one hour in which to wander about the house and interview these people (in a group setting). You may pose questions to the person in the room or simply listen to what other people are asking. At the end of the hour, everyone will return to the main room and have some time to discuss who they think is guilty and why. Then the crowd will vote for who they wish to accuse.

How much does it cost?

It is a flat $50 per person.  That includes both the mystery and the show as well as dessert. This is a fundraiser for our lodge so we certainly appreciate the support!

Is this something you might bring kids to?

In all honesty, any child under 13 would probably feel lost at this event and it wouldn't be a good value. The material will also be PG-13 with murder and adult themes involved.

What is the dessert going to be?

We will have our chefs prepare a variety of items including some gluten-free and dairy free options, so there should be something for everyone.

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