A Bump in the Night - A Garden variety murder

Amidst the burgeoning life of Spring, death lurks...

The Winter is over and things have turned green again. Mr. Goodfellow feels this is an excellent occasion to show off his immaculate garden (weather permitting of course) and so he has decided to throw a little party. He has invited many notables from Minneapolis including Governor Floyd Olson, Captain Billy Fawcett and his wife Annette, and even Wilbur Foshay. There will be appetizers and desserts as guests meander through the house and garden with entertainment to follow. But then what is meant to be a light evening soon becomes all too heavy...


Join us as we step back in time, not just from today, but also from our previous story as well. We're rewinding from that fateful Christmas party of 1935 to return to happier days in the spring of 1932, before there was even an alleged kidnapping. You'll get to meet some new characters from the Minneapolis history books as well as a few familiar ones.  

Saturday April 25th

Saturday May 16th

Saturday June 20th

Saturday July 11th

Saturday July 18th

A Murder Mystery FAQ

What is the setting for this Murder Mystery?

This story takes place in the depths of the Great Depression in the spring of 1932 in Minneapolis. Politicians on the left, fighting for the desperate masses rose to power while former titans of society fell to earth. Some were doing just fine for themselves despite the economic woes and others prospered through more criminal means under Prohibition.

This is an opportunituy to dress up in historical outfits. In 1932 ladies wore anything from flapper dresses to elegant gowns. Men were perfecting the tuxedo and expanding formal dress in many new directions. Pinstripe suits were also popular. We definitely encourage people to dress up, though this is one of Mr. Goodfellow's less formal gatherings.

What food is included?

We will not be doing a dinner with this event (due to remodeling, there is no dining room at present). We expect people will do dinner prior to the event. However we will be offering a dessert buffet as well as some appetizers for those who may still have an appetite.

How will the murder mystery work?  Am I a suspect?

Because of the number of people attending, not everyone will be a character and potential suspect.  Instead, you and the other guests at the party will work together as the detectives to solve the mystery that presents itself.  The various suspects and witnesses will be portrayed by actors and all you have to do is figure out what is going on.

As the mystery unfolds, you will be presented with the basic facts of the case.  The witnesses, suspects, and items you will need to interact with will be stationed in various rooms about the building. Team work may be the key here. You will have an hour or so to investigate and then we will gather back in the main hall to compare notes and see if we can deduce what happened.

How much does it cost?

It is a flat $50 per person.  That includes the mystery, appetizers/desserts, some live entertianment and a chance to see the museum exhibits. This is a fundraiser for our lodge so we certainly appreciate the support!

Is this something you might bring kids to?

In all honesty, any child under 13 would probably feel lost at this event and it wouldn't be a good value. The material will also be PG-13 with murder and adult themes involved.

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Saturday April 25th

Saturday May 16th

Saturday June 20th

Saturday July 11th

Saturday July 18th

Tickets will be $50/person and are limited in quantity. The ticket price includes appetizers and desserts, the murder mystery, and the chance to tour the mansion and museum.

Do I need physical tickets to get in?

No, once you buy your tickets, you should get a confirmation by email within 24 hours and another reminder in the week before the event. Once you are confirmed we add your name to our guest list. At that point all you need to do is give your name at the door to gain entry. Although in the case that there is a mistake it does help if you can show your confirmation email to be safe.

You have been invited to a Garden Party at the West Winds Mansion

What is parking like?

With the remodel, at least part of the parking lot will be closed. Otherwise there is plenty of street parking on two sides of the museum, though you should expect to walk up to a block to the museum entrance.

How accessible is the museum?

From the parking lot, there is a ramp leading straight to the current entrance and most everything will be on that level. There is an elevator that goes down to the remaining exhibits. However there are three rooms in the mansion area that have a couple of steps.

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How should I dress?

Will this event be affected by the Coronavirus?

Possibly. Much is still uncertain at this point. Given that uncertainty, we have these two contingencies. If circumstances dictate a date being cancelled, we will allow people to move to a different date if vacancies are available, or we will offer a refund. We might also add a later date if circumstances allow. If the event continues as scheduled, but you are sick, we will offer you a refund/reschedule without question so that you can stay away and everyone else can enjoy a safe environment.  We're hoping the threat of flu will die down in the warmer weather, but we'll be ok if our fundraiser loses some money. We just want to make sure you will be ok also.

Ticket sales are currently on hold due to the coronavirus.


Dates will be changing so watch for further notices once life returns to normal.