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A Bump in the Night - The Christmas Spirit

A Bump in the Night - The Christmas Spirit

A ghost of Christmas Past proves to be a shocking development

The lightly falling snow is lit by electric lights of red and green on the diverse architecture of the mansion known as West Winds in the posh lakeside area of Minneapolis. Its enigmatic owner, William Goodfellow has invited you to a very special holiday evening with Mr. Nikola Tesla as his featured guest for a unique Christmas celebration. Mr. Tesla has brought a museum's worth of curious electrical wonders for you to explore including his newest invention. Mr. Goodfellow in turn has arranged for a Christmas feast and a plethora of holiday festivities to help you all celebrate your good fortunes as the Great Depression lingers on for yet another year. 


But holiday cheer soon turns to holiday fear as a terrible secret is revealed from beyond the grave. As the chill winter winds blow outside, a case that is cold indeed presents itself and demands justice. Will you be able to solve the mystery and uncover the truth?

Saturday November 30th

Saturday December 7th

Saturday December 14th

A Murder Mystery FAQ

What is the setting for this Murder Mystery?

This story takes place in the depths of the Great Depression in 1935. While many people were unemployed and desperate, the Titans of America were bringing High Society to ever new heights.

How Should I dress?

This is an opportunituy to dress up in historical outfits. In 1935 ladies wore anything from flapper dresses to elegant gowns. Men were perfecting the tuxedo and expanding formal dress in many new directions. Pinstripe suits were also popular.

What is the dinner?

The dinner includes 5 courses. It starts with an appetizer course that is served at 6:00pm  during the social hour buffet style. At 7:00 guests are then seated for the salad course which will be followed by the soup course. Next is the entree, which will feature cornish game hen. And then it concludes with dessert. We're still working out some of the specifics but if there are any dietary concerns you will have a chance to let us know about them and we will be happy to make every effort to accommodate them.

How will the murder mystery work?  Am I a suspect?

Because of the number of people attending, not everyone will be a character and potential suspect.  Instead, you and the other people in your party will work together as the detectives to solve the mystery that presents itself.  The various suspects and witnesses will be portrayed by actors and all you have to do is figure out what is going on.

As the mystery unfolds, you will be presented with the basic facts of the case.  The witnesses, suspects, and items you will need to interact with will be stationed in various rooms about the building including some puzzles along the way that will help get you to the buried truth. Team work may be the key here. You will have an hour or so to investigate and then we will gather back in the dining room to compare notes over dessert and see if we can deduce what happened.

How much does it cost?

It is a flat $100 per person.  That includes the mystery, the 4 course dinner served by costumed servants and a tour of the museum. This is a fundraiser for our lodge so we certainly appreciate the support!

Is this something you might bring kids to?

In all honesty, any child under 13 would probably feel lost at this event and it wouldn't be a good value. The material will also be PG-13 with murder and adult themes involved.

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Join us for a Christmas Murder Mystery at the Bakken Museum of Electricity

What is parking like?

The Bakken has a parking lot that fits around 35 cars. There is also plenty of street parking around the museum. If you do park on the street, it is quite possible to go into the parking lot to drop people off first if needed.

How accessible is the museum?

From the parking lot, there is a sidewalk leading straight to the entrance and the dining room is on that level. There is a ramp that leads to every level of exhibits and an elevator that goes up to the mansion. However there are two rooms in the mansion area that have a couple of steps.

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Saturday November 30th

Saturday December 7th

Saturday December 14th

Tickets will be $100/person and are limited in quantity. The ticket price includes a 5 course holiday dinner, the murder mystery, and the chance to take a tour of the house and museum.

Do I need physical tickets to get in?

No, once you buy your tickets, you should get a confirmation by email within 24 hours and another reminder in the week before the event. Once you are confirmed we add your name to our guest list. At that point all you need to do is give your name at the door to gain entry. Although in the case that there is a mistake it does help if you can show your confirmation email to be safe.

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