New Meal Cards Now Available

    Braden Lodge isn't about food.  And yet, for the last several years, a well done meal has been an integral part of our fraternal fabric.  With at least one professional chef and several other talented cooks, coming to Lodge for a meal is generally a worthwhile endeavor.  In return, we ask our brothers to chip in $5 towards the cost of the meal, which for what you get is quite a deal.  However brothers don't always have cash on them and running credit cards is a bit ambitious (and who carries around checks anymore?)  

    To make payments more convenient we have come up with a meal punch card.  You can buy the card for any amount between $20 and $100, carry it around in your wallet, and then just get it punched when it comes time to eat.  It's as easy as pie, and on some nights will even get you some pie!  You can buy the cards from the Lodge Secretary or you can order them online through this very web site under the Payments heading.  Each punch is worth $5 and they never expire.

    Remember, dinners are now held on our Fellowship nights on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays as well as some other Thursdays when the calendar allows.  For our stated meetings, we will have a snack afterwards instead of a meal.


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