• A Bump in the Night Fundraiser Puts Braden in the Black

    For the second year in a row, Braden Lodge has put on a Halloween fundraiser called "A Bump in the Night" and it has proven to be a definite success.  The event is part dinner party and part puzzle room, set in a spooky Halloween atmosphere.  Guests, who bought tickets at $30 each were treated to a 4 course pot roast dinner during which books fell off shelves, strange moaning sounds were heard, and a ghostly face pushed its way outwards from the photo of the recently departed Master.  Realizing it was the ghost of the deceased Master, they communicated with the spirit to try and discover the location to the lost deed of the lodge.  The ghost led them to a book with clues in it which in turn led them to the puzzle room in the lobby of the 3rd floor.  There they had one hour to solve the various puzzles left behind by the departed Master which would lead them to the missing deed.

    110 tickets were sold altogether which was nearly double last year's total of 60.  The fundraiser made a profit totalling $2,220.  $520 of it was spent to buy and install a new refrigerator for the lodge kitchen as a thank you to Arcana for letting us use the building for the event. The otther $1,700 went to pay for the scholarship fund and relief fund.  By filling those holes in the budget, Braden will be able to finish in the black for the year, thereby justifying the decision made in June not to raise dues for 2017.

    A Bump in the Night hopes to return for a third year in 2017, bigger and better than ever.

  • Braden Welcomes Two New Entered Apprentices

    Braden Lodge #168 welcomed two new members into the Fraternal Brotherhood of Freemasons at an Entered Apprentice Degree held Thurs, Sept 15, 2016! Shown in the front row (L to R) are our newest Brothers, Chris Hassinger of Apple Valley, and Eric Moen of Minneapolis. Behind them are our principle officers (L to R), Junior Warden Matt Gallagher; Senior Warden Jeff Koltveit, who did an excellent job serving as Worshipful Master for the evening's ritual; and Tim Grube, Braden Lodge's Worshipful Master for 2016. A nice crowd of 28 Brothers were present for this special evening, and those presenting the Degree Ritual and Lectures did an outstanding job!

    Congratulations, Chris and Eric! -- Best wishes as you continue your journey for Masonic Light with the Fellow Craft Degree scheduled for Oct 20th at 7:30pm. Braden Lodge meets at the Arcana Masonic Center, 920 Lowry Ave NE in Minneapolis.

    (photo by Erick Crail)

  • Picnic and Fire at Crosby Park

    After a couple of yeard of watching our nice picnic weather give way to an unexpected cold front or unforeseen rain, we met this year at Crosby Park where we had the benefit of both a shelter and a fire ring.  As it turned out, the weather was perfect this time as the brothers and guests of Braden Lodge met at the St. Paul park for a Sunday night barbecue.  Hamburgers, chicken breasts, and hot dogs were in plentiful supply as were a variety of potluck items.  After dinner we got a nice fire going and hung out until after dark.

  • Twins Win Homestead Opener as Braden Watches

    It was a beautiful summer night, warm with a breeze and little humidity.  A great night to be out at the Twins game which is just what several brothers from Braden did.  After meeting at El Taco Riendo for some great tacos, we carpooled to the stadium where we had seats in the front row of the left field bleachers near the foul pole.  You can see what our view was like in this picture with the moon hanging in the sky above.  It was a quick game with not a lot of scoring, but the Twins did manage one exciting inning where we scored 3 while giving up only one run to the Astros the entire game.  So great food, great weather, great company, and a Twins win to boot!


  • Braden Honors New Citizenship of Member

    Last year we had the honor of welcoming brother Miguel Viarra to our craft.  Brother Miguel is originally from Portugal and when we found out he had just received his American citizenship, we decided it was a cause for celebration.  So unbeknownst to him, our "Open Fellowship" night of August 4th was transformed into a surprise party.  The ding room was decked out in American flags and various red, white, and blue decorations.  We also invited Miguel's family, again, without his knowledge.  Junior Deacon and resident chef Brother David Potter prepared a meal featuring both classic American and traditional Portugese dishes.    The surpirse was almost ruined when Brother Miguel, remembering that it was a meal night, decided to come by early to help with dinner, but a few last minute "urgent" errands kept him busy until everyone had arrived and the party could start.