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Begun in the fall of 2016, the objectives of the Newsletter are:

  • To connect with those Braden Members who, due to age, distance, or health, are unable to attend Lodge, so they feel a part of our Community of Brothers.
  • To connect with those Brothers who do not utilize social media.
  • To connect with people who are not members of Braden Lodge:
  • Grand Lodge officials, to keep them apprised of Braden Lodge activites (past and upcoming.)
  • Other lodges that may want to participate in Braden activities, or share ideas they may want to utilize in their own lodges.
  • Prospective members who want to get a sense of what we do as Masons.
  • To build our Community of Brothers by celebrating our past, looking to the future, and honoring the Ancient Craft of Freemasonry.


When you click on a link below, the Newsletter will open as a .PDF file in a new window, which you can then read on your screen, download, save, or print.  


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