Trestle Boards

In an ancient story that serves a central role as an analogy in Masonic education, it is said that, during the building of King Solomon's Temple, the Supreme Architect would retire to his chambers each day at high twelve, there to draw upon his Trestle Board the designs the Entered Apprentices, Fellow Crafts, and Master Masons would need to follow for their work. 


Today, in like manner, the Worshipful Master of the Lodge prepares each year a Trestle Board showing the schedule of meetings, events, and other plans the members of the Lodge can follow for the year. These informative brochures contain a calendar, list of officers, and other information to guide Lodge members, Masons who wish to visit from other lodges, and prospective members in participating in the public and private activities of the Lodge throughout the year.


Click on the image to open a .PDF file of the entire Trestle Board brochure for that year.