Next Event: Friday May 11th

Braden Pizza & Trivia Challenge

Arcana Masonic Center

920 Lowry Ave. NE

Minneapolis, MN 55432


Free parking in lot next door or on street.

All you can eat hand-made thin crust pizza made by our in-house chef. Six full rounds of challenging trivia. Hot, fresh, movie theater style popcorn. And all for just $10! Join us on the second Friday of each month for our Pizza and Trivia challenge! The doors of the Arcana Lodge Building open at 6pm for popcorn and a pizza buffet including the standards as well as a special or two.


Then at 7pm we start our pub quiz. Each round will have 10 answers worth 2 points each (1 point for partial credit). The rounds are as follows:

Current Events: Things that have happened in the last month

Picture Round: Identify people or things by their picture

Secret Theme: All answers have something in common, but what?

Mega Question: Just one or two questions, but lots of answers!

Music Round: Identify songs and artists from just a snippet

General Trivia: 10 questions about anything we want.


People will compete in teams of up to 6 people. If you're a couple or individual who would like to participate, we'll reserve a couple of tables for you and you can join up with others to collectively make up a team. Decide on your answers as a team and write them down on your answer sheet which you will turn in at the end of the round. We'll score each sheet and the highest score at the end of the night will get a prize. We'll also have consolation prizes for 2nd and 3rd.


Use the form at right to RSVP. $10 admission includes pizza and trivia. Beverages may be extra. No alcohol will be served though there are many bars within walking distance.